Repeater status January 2017.


Bluff Hill and Bald Hill are still de-linked as both repeaters have been upgraded. A new intermediate link has been built and will be in service soon which is controlled at the ZL4GQ club rooms.

73s de ZL4ARG

Branch 37 AREC Van – Progress.

Further work has commenced by ZL4NB (Nick) (and his YL) and ZL4OM (Mike) with the cabling and installation of the DC system.

The starter and house battery were proven to be shot and have been replaced with two donated batteries and DVSR relays.

Branch 37 would like to acknowledge the support of Hi-tec Aerials in Christchurch for the donation of 1/2 wave aerials for this project. Thanks to the team at Hi-tec! 😀

680 and 5775 Repeaters

680 and 5775 have been delinked to prevent intermod tying up both repeaters. The source of the intermod is still unknown at this stage. 5775 has no tail but 680 does.

The interference is at 680’s side and investigation is still underway.

73 de ZL4ARG

April Meeting – April 14th.

The general meeting kicks off at the usual time of 1930 hours at 249 Ettrick Street clubrooms.

Feel free to bring your projects!

73s de ZL4ARG

Bald Hill 680 offline.

This repeater will be back on soon. 5775 is still operational but has not tail due to it’s link to 680 being offline for maintenance purposes.

870 (70cm) is operational still, but requires a tone of 88.5hz on mobile TX to open. It has a very short tail which will be stretched very shortly.

D-Star and Echolink offline.

It’s with regrets that both services will be down for a short while due to relocation. The club’s beancounter has seen a rise in power bill costs. These with be going online shortly at my QTH once the fibre connection goes in.

Both services are down, but not out!

Jock White Field Day – 2015.

This year’s Jock White Field Day for Branch 37 took place at Awarua’s Planet Labs site and the maiden voyage for the the van’s first run for anything radio related.

Everything went well, with only a few minor hiccups. Firstly we had to adjust the aerials considerably. ZL4IG (Robin) had his ‘Freebie 40m aerial’ out in the neighboring paddock, we had a 40m dipole, and an 80m inverted-vee set up. Rigs in use were both Icoms, one a 706 and the other a 746. The 746 started giving a few issues later on in the contest.

There are a lot of people to thank for making this possible :

ZL4NB – For getting the van set up in time with a desk, and temporary battery setup. For supplying the BBQ and arranging the event with ZL4IG.

ZL4IG – For giving us the use of the site, keeping the ops on their toes, helping with aerial issues, and of course operating CW! Thanks heaps Robin!

ZL4AU – A Jock White Field Day wouldn’t be the same without Roly! Thanks for all your help Roly, it’s always awesome to watch that CW in full flight!

ZL4OM – For operating, and test-sleeping the van. And for all the logistics and helping out in general.

Ash Fraser – For helping out with logistics as well, and her general support.

Susannah Shefford – For helping out, and keeping me (ZL4ARG) on my toes. 🙂 Susannah is now considering doing her license exam too!

Photos will be available soon, as well as the results when they come to hand.

First meeting of 2015 – February 10th

Our first club meeting will be on the 10th of February at the club rooms in Ettrick Street.

We will also be holding an AREC SGM on the night as well.

D-Star and Echolink.

It was noted that ZL4GQ-L went down this morning due to a software failure, as I had no remote access to that machine I went in and restarted it and tested. It is now back online.

The D-Star simplex node was also restarted and tested.

If anyone experiences any outages please let me know, and I will now be able to log on and check. Email me at president(at) and I will check it out.

Alex (ZL4ARG).

Jock White Field Day – 2015.

Anyone keen on operating the Jock White Field Day in February, please let me know. email president(at) – ZL4NB is aching to get the ‘turbro hangi’ out and firing again for this year.

Location to be sorted shortly.